Six Things You Can Buy TODAY To Help Prevent Water Damage & Costly Restoration

water damage restoration nampa, water damage cleanup nampa, water damage repair nampaA few small investments can go a long way toward securing your home against the threat of water damage. From our water damage restoration experts at UltraClean, here are six things you could buy today to fortify your home against water damage. 

Water Damage Restoration In Nampa 

Water Detection Devices

Water detection devices are essentially like fire alarms but for water damage. If the moisture level rises beyond a certain point, they will sound an alarm notifying you of a possible water damage disaster. They are cheap and easy to install so they are a great choice for anyone looking for greater peace of mind regarding water damage. 

Air Movers

Air movers are basically large fans designed for water damage restoration. They will speed up the evaporation and drying process which is important because it will help to prevent future water damage and mold growth. Water damage restoration companies use commercial air movers to dry out water damage extremely quickly, but you can still purchase a household air mover designed for quick and effective water damage response. 


Dehumidifiers are another simple and affordable means of preventing water damage in your home. Dehumidifiers are designed to suck excess moisture out of the air which will prevent future water damage and mold growth. They are no silver bullet for water damage prevention, but they will go a long way toward minimizing the risk of water damage in your home. 

Sump Pump

Sump pumps are one of the most useful tools you can have in responding to a flood. They will pump large amounts of flood water out of your basement in a very short time. If you don’t own a sump pump, consider investing in one today to protect your basement in the case of a flood. 

Window Well Covers

Window well covers are an obvious choice for preventing water damage in your basement. Without window well covers, water will settle in your window wells. Over time, this will inevitably lead to water leaking into your basement. It’s best to just avoid the problem altogether by investing in window well covers. 

Storage Racks

Along with being a useful organizational tool, storage racks are also useful for mitigating water damage. The purpose they serve is simple but important — they will allow you to store valuable items susceptible to water damage high off the ground so they are protected during a flood. All in all, storage racks are a great, affordable option that have many benefits beyond just protecting you from water damage. 

Water damage prevention doesn’t have to break the bank. We hope you find these tools helpful in keeping water damage at bay from your home. Don’t forget, though, that while tools like dehumidifiers, sump pumps, and fans are helpful, they are no replacement for professional water damage restoration services. Fortunately, you’ve got us at UltraClean in Nampa, to help with restoration services you may need!