Signs That You May Need Water Damage Restoration

When your basement in Meridian floods, it is pretty obvious that your home has sustained water damage. However, not all water damage is that obvious. Since the majority of the plumbing in our homes is hidden inside walls, under floorboards, in the ceiling, side cupboards, and in other areas of the home that we do not frequently travel through, it is common for water damage to go unnoticed until it has become a serious problem. The question now is how do you spot hidden water damage in your home before it becomes a bigger problem? From the water damage restoration experts at Ultra Clean, here are some signs you should be aware of and look for to determine whether or not there is water damage present:

Water Damage Restoration In Meridian

1. Odors 

When hidden water goes unnoticed for prolonged amounts of time, it will begin to foster mold and bacterial growth. As a result, a strong, musty odor is released. Odors associated with hidden water damage do not go away and tend to be stronger in the area of the damage.

2. Water Spots And Stains

As water leaks behind drywall, or seeps into walls and ceilings, it will leave behind discolored water spots. These stains often appear as blotchy and tend to be brownish in color. They may even appear lighter and darker at times as they dry and then become wet again (common with leaks in the roof during rain). These water spots may also grow larger over time as the water spreads. Be sure to contact the water damage restoration experts before the problem grows.

3. Ruined Walls And Paint

Bubbling and peeling paint on walls is a result of water and moisture build up behind the wall. The excess moisture will end up pushing its way through the wall, ruining the bond in paint and causing it to separate from the wall. 

4. Structural Changes

Changes in walls, ceilings, and floors should not be taken lightly. The materials that make up these structural elements in our homes are porous and as they become saturated with water, they take on that excess weight. As a result, they will begin to swell and will cause ceilings to sag and crack, walls to bow and bend, and floors to warp and feel spongy. Buckling and deformities in any of these structures could lead to serious damage or even collapse, so if any of these changes are noticed you should call the water damage restoration experts at Ultra Clean right away. 

5. Mold

Mold grows and spreads through microscopic spores that can cling to many different surfaces in your home. These spores cannot be seen by the naked eye, but if moisture is available for extended amounts of time, the growth will begin to be visible on surfaces. Discolored spots along floorboards, ceilings, walls, around appliances in the kitchen or bathroom, under cabinets, and anywhere else in the home could be visible signs of mold growth. Mold can take on many different appearances and colors; oftentimes it appears fuzzy and is different shades of green, brown, black and even white. If you notice suspicious colored areas in your home, do not waste any time looking into water damage restoration and mold removal services.