Understand These Common and Avoidable Water Damage Causes

Catastrophic floods may grab all the headlines, but more common water damage from plumbing systems ends up costing homeowners, renters, and landlords billions of dollars every year. Water can cause serious problems when left unattended and create thousands of dollars of damage within hours. However, water damage doesn’t necessarily have to occur if there’s an issue in your home or business. Avoiding water damage is all in timing and treating it correctly right away.

The average American uses between 80 to 100 gallons of water a day, and statistics indicate that over 1 million incidents involving water damage occur every year in the United States. Most of this damage is caused by these common culprits:

  • Improper installation
  • Defective parts (including poor quality)
  • Defective seals
  • High pressure over time
  • Breaks, corrosion, or cracks over time
  • Settling or shifting of structure or foundation over years
  • Damage by occupants
  • Clogging from build up over time
  • Rust
  • Freezing or melting (heat from appliances or electricity)

Your number one method of defense is to be aware. If you see any water outside of where it’s supposed to be, don’t ignore it. Find the source of the water leak and get it fixed as soon as possible.

UltraClean believes in prevention. Rather than putting thousands of dollars into fixing water damage, a better solution is to help home and business owners prevent those same damages from happening in the first place, and that’s what we aim to do.

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