Water Damage Restoration & Repair

Handle your water damage disaster like a pro. Partner with a local, professional team who cares about you and who will prioritize getting your property back to normal as soon as possible.

Get Help Immediately with 24/7 Emergency Service

When water damage occurs, it is important to remove the water and dry the structure as quickly, safely, and cleanly as possible to avoid additional damage or unsafe conditions. That’s why we provide fast, 24/7 emergency service.

We understand that the discovery of water damage is every homeowner’s nightmare. With a single call to UltraClean, you can ensure your property is in the safest and most capable hands.

Solve Your Water Damage Problems with a Single Call 

UltraClean can handle all of your water damage concerns from removing contaminated water from crawl spaces and other hard to reach areas to eliminating water in hard surfaces like concrete or hardwood. 

No matter the size, the source of the water, and the scope of the project, you can rely on our full fleet of equipment and experienced team to take care of all your water damage needs.

How We Take Care of Water Damage

At UltraClean, we start by removing as much water as possible using top-of-the-line industrial extraction equipment. Extraction is over 1900% more efficient than any other drying method, and our technicians have the training and knowledge to remove the water as fast as possible to get your structure dried quickly.

Once the extraction process is complete, our technicians will strategically place state-of-the-art commercial dehumidifiers, fans, specialty drying equipment (hardwood floor drying systems, tile drying systems, etc.) and HEPA certified air filters to quickly and efficiently dry the home. We monitor the moisture content of the affected areas daily, making any necessary adjustments until the home is safe and dry.

3 Simple Steps to Restoring Your Property


Call Now for
Immediate help

We’ll respond anytime, day or night and have crews on call 24/7.


Cleanup & Repairs

We’ll take care of everything from the initial cleanup to the repairs.


Enjoy Your Fully
Restored Property

You can relax knowing your property is completely restored back to normal. 

Act Now to Protect Your Property from Water Damage

Water damage from plumbing issues, flooded crawlspaces, roof leaks, and severe storms can cause extensive destruction to your property. You need to act fast and smart. 

Doing the wrong thing could cost you and lead to more damage, repair delays, and a lot of unnecessary stress. Make the right decision and call the water damage professional team at UltraClean as soon as possible. 

You can rest assured that the problem will be handled as soon as possible, thereby limiting the damage to your property and the disruption to your life.

The Treasure Valley's Trusted Property Restoration Partner

Calm, friendly, knowledgeable and fast

I had massive water damage. UltraClean was on site in less than an hour, on a weekend, after hours. Their employees were calm, friendly, knowledgeable and fast. I especially enjoyed how they stayed in contact with me, sometimes even requesting permission to drop by later in the evening to ensure everything was drying properly. They had a plan for every step of the repairs and had suggestions for excellent external contractors for anything they do not do themselves. If you have need of of quick response team, UltraClean is the one I will always use and very highly recommend. Thanks guys!

Jack Devers

They saved my basement from flooding!

I was out of town and my wife was at work when our basement started flooding. My nephew who is staying with us saw the problem and he called UltraClean. Brandon Wright, the owner of UltraClean, showed up at our house a few minutes later and worked to identify the source of the water (water from our down-spouts dumping on frozen ground), and to put a stop to the problem. What an amazing company! I would highly recommend them to do work at your house.

Jennifer T.

Give them 5 stars!

We had a shocking experience when a pipe broke in our laundry room recently and flooded the laundry room and a large kitchen with a hardwood floor. We immediately called our plumber who recommended Ultra Clean. They came immediately and started the drying process at once. The water had spread to parts of our living room, dining room and hall carpeting. Ultra Clean really did a wonderful job. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they were easy to reach and to communicate with. I would never want to go through such an experience again, but if I had to, Ultra Clean would most definitely be my choice to take care of it. I would give them 5 stars!!!!!!!

Harriet & James L.

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