Structural Drying & Decontamination

Ensure your property is restored back to a safe and healthy environment after water or sewage damage. Rely on professional help to clean and dry the structure properly. 

Safe, Effective, and Thorough Water Damage Cleanup

When your property is affected by water damage, cleanup requires much more than simply mopping up the water and running a few fans until everything appears dry. Water is absorbed into building materials and must be properly dried to avoid problems like mold and rot. 

By acting quickly you can prevent damage to your property. We provide fast, 24/7 emergency service, and our experienced and knowledeable team will make sure your property is clean and dry. 

Our Comprehensive Drying System

Whether dealing with wall cavities, under cabinets, wet ceilings, or drying any type of building material, UltraClean has the equipment you need. All buildings have many types of surfaces and materials with different absorption rates that affect how fast the material absorbs water as well as how long it will take to dry.

At UltraClean, we use a combination of air movement, dehumidifiers, heat, and air filtration to properly set up a drying system that is effective for all structures and materials. Fully removing water from a structure is a balanced process that requires three foundational steps. 

Water Extraction

Removing water while it is still in the liquid state is significantly more efficient than doing so once it has soaked into the structure and has to be extracted by evaporation and dehumidification. It’s essential to extract the water as soon as possible for rapid structural drying with standing water.


Once the maximum amount of water has been physically removed from the structure, airflow machines are used to promote the evaporation of the water that has been absorbed into the structure. Airflow is important to increase the rate of evaporation versus normal drying techniques.


To counterbalance the moisture being introduced into the air from the evaporation process, dehumidifiers are brought in to avoid secondary damage. Without dehumidification, the excess moisture produced would be absorbed into other materials, delaying the drying process, and encouraging mold growth.

The combination of equipment we use increases the rate of evaporation to get your structure back to normal faster. We also carry special wood floor drying units, with the potential of drying a floor back to its pre-existing condition so that sanding and finishing aren’t needed.

Once your drying system is set up, we provide the proper moisture monitoring equipment to measure for moisture in the air and surfaces to determine how much progress has been made. By the end of the job, you will have proof that your structure is completely dry.


Once a structure has been compromised by contamination of sewage or other health-hazardous materials, immediate action to contain the area is crucial. Standing water left from any flood situation is a breeding ground for microorganisms. Bacteria, viruses, and mold can become airborne and inhaled, creating health risks for your family.

It is UltraClean’s top priority to protect occupants and our technicians from the contamination materials. We provide the proper containment that is necessary to make sure that the area is secure, air contained and controlled, and cleaned thoroughly. Our certified cleaning technicians use their expertise along with a full arsenal of professional cleaning products, tools, and pressure washing equipment not available to the public to decontaminate your structure from decomposing bio matter, sewage, and organic growth.

3 Simple Steps to Restoring Your Property


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You can relax knowing your property is completely restored back to normal. 

Act Now to Minimize Damage and Restore Your Property Quickly

Water damage doesn’t have to cause significant damage to your property. With fast action, property drying methods, and professional monitoring you can have peace of mind that your property is thoroughly clean and dry.

Don’t hesitate to get help with your water damage problem as soon as possible. Delaying cleanup only makes matters worse. 

Call the water damage professionals at UltraClean right now to get the help you need to get your property back to normal.

The Treasure Valley's Trusted Property Restoration Partner

Calm, friendly, knowledgeable and fast

I had massive water damage. UltraClean was on site in less than an hour, on a weekend, after hours. Their employees were calm, friendly, knowledgeable and fast. I especially enjoyed how they stayed in contact with me, sometimes even requesting permission to drop by later in the evening to ensure everything was drying properly. They had a plan for every step of the repairs and had suggestions for excellent external contractors for anything they do not do themselves. If you have need of of quick response team, UltraClean is the one I will always use and very highly recommend. Thanks guys!

Jack Devers

No hesitation in recommending UltraClean

A water leak in the bathroom was way beyond the state of a simple fix by a plumber. Over time the leak caused mold damage to bathroom cabinets, wall, and neighboring bedroom floor. My plumber recommended UltraClean which specializes in these kinds of problems. UltraClean did an excellent job managing the entire operation involving many specialties: complete mold cleanup, restoring those parts of the cabinets and walls that could be restored and replaced that which was too damaged to be restored, painting and finally preparing for my plumber to install all new plumbing. They were also flexible in allowing me to install the new bedroom floor to help reduce the overall cost. I have no hesitation in recommending UltraClean for such jobs.

Jim Swank

Give them 5 stars!

We had a shocking experience when a pipe broke in our laundry room recently and flooded the laundry room and a large kitchen with a hardwood floor. We immediately called our plumber who recommended Ultra Clean. They came immediately and started the drying process at once. The water had spread to parts of our living room, dining room and hall carpeting. Ultra Clean really did a wonderful job. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they were easy to reach and to communicate with. I would never want to go through such an experience again, but if I had to, Ultra Clean would most definitely be my choice to take care of it. I would give them 5 stars!!!!!!!

Harriet & James L.

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