Service Areas


Downtown Boise and the adjacent North End have many old sewer lines that are made out of clay or cast iron that eventually corrode and create collapsing lines, blocking sewage from draining.  Additionally, the roots of mature trees in the neighborhoods break through the corroding sewer lines and begin to grow inside. These types of issues are typically not found until your sewer backs up and routine maintenance or replacement is needed.

We also run across homes in older neighborhoods that have old water heaters which eventually rust out and washing machines or refrigerators with old lines that become weak and brittle. Older homes also tend to have their furnaces build up with algae in the pump which will back up in the furnace areas. Water damage can also easily happen with roofs older than 20 years which start to wear and leak from cracked or blown off shingles.

Meridian and Surrounding Areas

The suburbs of Boise, including Meridian, Eagle, Star, Kuna, Nampa, and Caldwell, and their continued growth mean newer homes that deal with construction defects. Many homes here are found to have faulty plumbing not built to the durability that it was intended for. These are also family oriented communities with homes of children that love to overflow toilets, bathtubs, etc.