How to Prevent Water Damage From Snow Melt and Rain

Treasury Valley winters are known for subfreezing temperatures, freezing rain, snowfall, and ice. With these cold, wet conditions throughout the winter, residents of Boise, Meridian, and surrounding areas may be facing a risk of flooding and water damage from thick slush and quickly melting snow and ice as temperatures rise.

To avoid water damage and expensive repairs, try these simple steps to keep your home safe:

  • Remove large accumulations of snow from areas where it could melt and enter your home.
    Shovel snow away from the perimeter of your home. Also consider clearing decks, patios, and driveways that slope toward the house.
  • Clean snow and debris from ground drains and gutters. Make sure drains near your home, typically around the driveway, as well as gutters are unblocked. Ice and compact snow can create dams that keep water from draining properly.
  • Consider where snow will go when it melts. The combination of melting snow plus rain can create extreme runoff conditions. When shoveling snow on your property, think about which direction it will drain when it melts. You may want to dig channels to divert water to the nearest drain.
  • Do not get on a ladder and do not attempt to climb onto your roof to remove snow. If you see the snow melting and dropping off the edge of your roof, that’s a good sign. It indicates ice dams are probably not developing. In extreme circumstances, if ice dams need to be removed from your gutters, call a professional water damage company.

You should also know what categories of water damage are covered by your insurance policy when considering home maintenance. Not all household water damage is treated alike. For example, freezing pipes may be assessed differently than seeping snow. Check your policy or call your local agent to determine what water damage is covered for your home.

Most importantly, at the first sign of dampness inside your home, contact UltraClean immediately for professional help before long-term damage sets in.