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Six Things You Can Buy TODAY To Help Prevent Water Damage & Costly Restoration

A few small investments can go a long way toward securing your home against the threat of water damage. From our water damage restoration experts at UltraClean, here are six things you could buy today to fortify your home against water damage.  Water Damage Restoration In Nampa  Water Detection Devices Water detection devices are essentially […]

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Is Water Near the Fridge A Bad Sign?

Water damage always has a scary element of the unknown. Most times, Nampa homeowners don’t discover water damage until long after the initial leak or break. A leaky refrigerator is a perfect example. Since the fridge blocks your view of the wall and floor behind the unit, you often don’t notice water damage unless the […]

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Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinets And How To Restore Them 

As with any stationary piece of furniture around your home, cabinets serve the dual purpose of functionality and appearance. They are crucial to a well run home. And they are a huge investment. Due to the wide ranging differences in materials and quality, kitchen cabinets cost anywhere from $4,500 to $13,000. When they get wet, […]

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Calling For Help With Water Damage Restoration Is A Great Idea

Whenever something goes wrong in our life, or perhaps something happens that is not part of the normal routine, we contact someone to help us fix the problems. For example, when we are feeling sick, we call the doctor. When we are looking to get a new hairstyle, we contact the nearest hairdresser. When the […]

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Six Sources Of Gradual Water Damage & Restoration

Our water damage restoration experts at UltraClean understand that not all water damage comes as the result of a large flood. In fact, the majority of damage is actually a result of minor accumulations of moisture that lead to notable damage over time. From our water damage restoration experts, below are six sources of gradual […]

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Protecting Your Nampa Home From Water Damage

One of the most important fundamental aspects of your Nampa home is the foundation. A solid foundation provides the base of your home, keeping it sound and sturdy. If the foundation is compromised, the entire house is at risk. One of the biggest threats to the foundation of your home is water damage. Water is […]

What Your Nampa Pipes Can Tell You About Water Damage Restoration

Winter in Nampa is just getting started. Cold temperatures can mean possible damage to your home in the form of frozen pipes. Not only are frozen pipes inconvenient, but they can also cause some pretty serious water damage and restoration issues. When water freezes, it expands. This expansion puts strain on the walls of the […]

Before Water Damage Restoration In Nampa Is Needed

While Nampa, Idaho isn’t necessarily known for its robust flooding seasons, that doesn’t mean that its residents are strangers to natural or man made flooding. Unfortunately, rainwater, melting snow, broken pipes and faulty appliances can and do commonly cause home floods, no matter where you live. However, there are things that homeowners can do to […]

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Signs That You May Need Water Damage Restoration

When your basement in Meridian floods, it is pretty obvious that your home has sustained water damage. However, not all water damage is that obvious. Since the majority of the plumbing in our homes is hidden inside walls, under floorboards, in the ceiling, side cupboards, and in other areas of the home that we do […]

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Categories Of Water Damage Helps With The Restoration Process

When you experience water damage in your Boise home, the need to get a move on and get it restored is extremely important. However, it is also important to know what type of water damage you are dealing with. Many people do not know this, but there are different categories and classes of water. Water […]