Let’s talk snot!

As business managers and owners, we’re used to watching costs. We track our department expenses, office space and equipment costs, and some of us even guard the thermostat with a tricked out lock system! But what about the expenses that are “snot” so easy to track? I’m talking of course about the cold, flu, and […]

What To Expect In A Good Estimator

The role of an estimator. In the water damage restoration industry an estimator is the individual who helps you estimate the costs of damage to your home or business.  They need to have a complete knowledge of residential and commercial construction, the effects of water damage and whether something can be restored or if it […]

Understand These Common and Avoidable Water Damage Causes

Catastrophic floods may grab all the headlines, but more common water damage from plumbing systems ends up costing homeowners, renters, and landlords billions of dollars every year. Water can cause serious problems when left unattended and create thousands of dollars of damage within hours. However, water damage doesn’t necessarily have to occur if there’s an […]

UltraClean is Flooded!

Phone calls are literally flooding in at UltraClean. Residents all over Boise and the Treasure Valley are having water damage issues. What’s causing all the damage? Frozen Pipes Burst pipes are the number one reason people are calling us right now. With the inconsistent subfreezing temperatures, the sporadic snow fall, the slick ice, and dangerous […]

How to Prevent Water Damage From Snow Melt and Rain

Treasury Valley winters are known for subfreezing temperatures, freezing rain, snowfall, and ice. With these cold, wet conditions throughout the winter, residents of Boise, Meridian, and surrounding areas may be facing a risk of flooding and water damage from thick slush and quickly melting snow and ice as temperatures rise. To avoid water damage and […]

There Is No Such Thing As a Mold Free Home: 7 Ways to Make Your Home More Mold Resistant

Mold. The very word is enough to make a person cringe. Yes, mold can be good — it’s essential in making brie and penicillin, for example, and necessary for the decomposition of organic matter in nature — but it can also be very bad, especially when it grows undetected in your home. Mold spores spread […]

Risk of Flooding for the Treasure Valley

After weeks of subfreezing temperatures, freezing rain, snowfall, and ice, the Treasure Valley faces the risk of flooding and water damage from thick slush and quickly melting snow and ice. To avoid water damage and expensive repairs caused by winter weather, you can take these simple steps: Remove large accumulations of snow from areas where […]

The Dangers of Icicles on Your Roof

As beautiful and decorative as they may look, those large stalactite icicles are more than a winter ornament for your home. Sometimes known as ice dams, the giant icicles hanging from the eaves of your roof are not only dangerous to people walking underneath but they are often a sign of a serious problem for […]

9 Tips to Protect Your Home from Freezing Temperatures

Have you ever put a can of soda into the freezer, forgotten about it, and then opened the freezer later only to find a big mess? Like that can of soda, when water freezes, it expands. Sustained low temperatures leave no time for your home’s water pipes to thaw out. Over time, if it expands […]