The Dangers of Icicles on Your Roof

As beautiful and decorative as they may look, those large stalactite icicles are more than a winter ornament for your home. Sometimes known as ice dams, the giant icicles hanging from the eaves of your roof are not only dangerous to people walking underneath but they are often a sign of a serious problem for future water damage.

Icicles occur after a heavy snowfall followed by several days of freezing temperatures. Warm air from inside your home leaks into the attic and warms the underside of the roof. The increased temperature causes the accumulated snow and ice on the roof to melt. The melted water then drains along the roof, under the snow, until it reaches the cold overhang. The overhang tends to be at the same temperature as the outdoors, and the melted water refreezes to form an ice dam and icicles. These collections of ice dams can cause damage to your roof, resulting in water leaks to the inside of your home.

Ice Dam Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Don’t get on your roof to solve the problem. This is a dangerous job that should be handled by a professional.
  • Don’t stand on the ground to “chip away” at the ice. This could cause serious damage to your roof, and not to mention, serious injuries to yourself.
  • Do check to make sure your attic insulation is not blocking roof ventilation.
  • Do call a trained professional to safely remove the ice build up without causing damage to your roof.

This time of year can wreak havoc on the structure of your home. The sub-freezing temperatures, snow, and ice make for a dangerous combination for both your home and family. UltraClean is here to help. Give us a call at (208) 887-4740, contact us for advice or service 24 hours a day, or send us an email.