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You didn't ask for water damage to happen to you, now you need someone you can trust. Our focus is on you, with a fast response to your
needs with the most qualified specialists in Idaho for water extraction, structural drying, and mold remediation. We do this everyday,
but we've never lost the compassion for what it takes to understand what you're going through.

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We Are the Water Damage Experts

When your home is flooded, you need water damage experts, not a general contractor.
Our ability to manage small to large projects with our stock of unique, specialized equipment gives us the advantage in the industry. While others just tear materials out, we have the experience, knowledge, and tools to dry it at a fraction of the cost.



Disaster Response Team by UltraClean has top of the line extraction machines and the experienced technicians for any type of water damage situation you could have.



We use a combination of air movement, dehumidifiers, heat, and air filtration to properly set up a drying system that is effective for all structures.



Disaster Response Team by UltraClean uses the proper containment, equipment, and chemicals necessary to make sure that your home or business is returned to a safe place.



Water damage can ruin flooring, walls, cabinets, doors, and more. Disaster Response Team by UltraClean’s construction services will help you get your project back to its original condition or better.

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Award-winning Service

Personalized service isn't old fashioned, it's the way we run our business. We connect with each client to earn their trust and make sure we understand their needs. While we all make mistakes, our 15 years of experience and thousands of clients served has created a reputation of always following through to correct any issues and leaving our customers satisfied.

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We know the chaos and distress of experiencing a disaster in your home. We’ve been there ourselves. Compassion and empathy are the only ways we can truly understand our customers and the trauma forced upon them during an event of water damage.
Trust is the heart of our company. We’ve been in your shoes and understand your need to have a contractor who takes the burden off of your shoulders. Relax. It’s our mess now.
We are leaders of our families, our business, our community, and our industry. We believe that leadership is the missing key to many things in this world, which is why our focus to be great leaders is so important to us.
Our company can only be as successful as the community we serve. Disaster Response Team by UltraClean’s community service is just as important as our service to clients. Our philosophy is to help where we can make a difference.
Disaster Response Team by UltraClean’s customer service is notable throughout the community. Our customer service has received the Remodeling Magazine Customer Service Award and Better Business Bureau’s Integrity Counts Award Nomination. Our owner, Brandon Wright, has also received the Governor’s Brightest Star Award and the Meridian, Idaho 2010 Business Person of the Year.


“The day my prospective home was inspected we found that the water was left running by the seller’s de-winterizing team. The kitchen and dining area, the formal living room, and the family room were flooded and my beautiful wood floors were ruined. Our real estate agent found the Disaster Response Team by UltraClean. They stepped in, evaluated the situation and made recommendations. I lived on the east coast and placed the clean up and restoration in their hands. Their representative was fantastic! He kept in touch with me, almost daily, by e-mail or telephone calls. He was available for questions and sent me pictures of the progress and was always courteous. When I arrived two months later I could not have been happier.”
“I had massive water damage. UltraClean was on site in less than an hour, on a weekend, after hours. Their employees were calm, friendly, knowledgeable and fast. I especially enjoyed how they stayed in contact with me, sometimes even requesting permission to drop by later in the evening to ensure everything was drying properly. They had a plan for every step of the repairs and had suggestions for excellent external contractors for anything they do not do themselves. If you have need of of quick response team, UltraClean is the one I will always use and very highly recommend. Thanks guys!”
Jack D,
“They saved my basement from flooding! My nephew who is staying with us saw the problem and he called UltraClean. Brandon Wright, the owner of UltraClean, showed up at our house a few minutes later and worked to identify the source of the water (water from our down-spouts dumping on frozen ground), and to put a stop to the problem. What an amazing company! I would highly recommend them to do work at your house.”
Jennifer T,
“Super professional and quick to respond. I heard about how great UltraClean was so I called them. They came out in about 30 minutes of our call. Two guys tackled this relatively small job and immediately went to work. They were very considerate of things I didn’t think about, like the fact that the pilot light would likely go out when their blowers were set toward the furnace. It’s summer, so I didn’t think about that. They did. We had a condensation line on our central A/C come loose that we didn’t notice until the carpet was soaking wet. It had been draining quite a few gallons of water for about a day. We thought the carpet was a lost cause. Due to their quick response and with all the right equipment, they saved the day! They’ve come back to check and said they’d come back again to “triple-check”. This company is great. I can’t say enough good about their service! It was terrific.”
Bill H,
“There was a wind storm that came through Boise a few weeks ago and it blew down a tree that landed on the roof of my office. UltraClean was recommended to me by my insurance agent. Brandon came by my office and accessed the damages, provided a cost estimate, including the time it would take to remove the tree and repair damages. Everything was delivered on time and on budget. Thanks guys you made an unpleasant situation the best it could be.”
Scott Y,

Find DIY Resources at WaterDamageRentals.com

We'll help you own your own project. You have the willpower and the confidence to take on a project yourself. Our expertise can help show you what to do, provide you with the proper equipment, and then leave the work up to you. Our specialized drying equipment, which you can't find anywhere else, will help you save money on your water damage project.



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Rain is in the forecast for the Treasure Valley this week.

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Lately we've had many frustrated customers not getting answers from their insurance adjusters. This frustration adds to an already stressful situation of living in a home that is damaged by some type of water loss. Having the right contractor that will step up and represent the homeowner to take that burden of assuming the financial negotiation to get the project put back together without additional expenses is worth the time to finding the right contractor. Do your research, look for referrals on those that have experienced what your going through and who they trust. A contractor who get's it done, will make your life easier. ...